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In this globally integrated economy, midsize businesses need to take advantage of emerging opportunities. COLTECOM and its Business Partners understand your challenges and needs -- we've created specific products and solutions designed to help growing companies like yours work more productively and profitably to succeed on a smarter planet.

Collaboration and Social Business

Solutions to help midsize businesses connect, collaborate and innovate

Leading in the always-on, hyper-connected era takes more than collecting “likes” on social media. Today’s successful organizations harness the power of social, mobile and cloud to generate real business value: greater workforce productivity, deeper customer engagement and improved operations.

Midsize companies intuitively understand the importance of relationships, especially in a marketplace that demands real-time collaboration between increasingly empowered customers, partners and employees. A truly social business leverages technology to efficiently build and share critical knowledge and information with the right people at the right moment.

COLTECOM social business solutions use collaboration tools, software and an extensive Business Partner network to help midsize companies transform into nimble enterprises that efficiently connect, collaborate and innovate.

e-Data Analytics for Midsize Business

Extract insights from data & drive strong business outcomes

The instrumentation of nearly everything on the planet is creating a rising tide of data, both traditional structured data and unstructured content from video, email, social technologies and more. Analytics can turn this “e-data” into the kind of insight that enables companies to stand apart. In fact, analytics will be a deciding factor that determines whether companies succeed or fail. Those able to effectively tap data for game-changing insights can capitalize on virtually endless opportunities.

COLTECOM Big Data Analytics is an integrated approach to analytics that enables businesses to extract fact-based insights from data that foster deeper understanding of customers, operations and markets, enabling the organization to act when and where the positive business impact is greatest.

COLTECOM and its Business Partners will help you to organize data, build a roadmap for implementation, integrate analytics throughout your key processes, and walk you through a variety of deployment options to match your budget

Managed Service Providers

Take a closer look at COLTECOM business benefits for MSPs

As your clients' businesses grow, so does your need to rapidly scale, deploy and manage the IT services they rely on. For example, when your clients want new applications to be deployed in the cloud, you must be ready. Meanwhile, you have your own business to manage. Your partnership with COLTECOM will provide the solid, proven business benefits, from marketing to sales to technical support, that you can rely on to grow with confidence.

Cloud Technology

Transform your business with COLTECOM cloud computing

Midsize businesses need to do more with less, and that’s what cloud is all about. It’s on-demand, always available, and requires almost no setup or capital expense. Cloud services expand as you need them and don’t cost an arm and a leg. With cloud technology, midsize businesses can compete with the big guys.

Cloud technology isn’t a commodity; it’s a strategic resource. COLTECOM will work with you to figure out what you need, how to deploy services and where your company will benefit most. See our constantly expanding line of infrastructure, applications and services below.

Optimized Systems for SMBs

Achieve versatility and performance improvements with Smarter Computing

IT is being delivered and consumed at a pace that many small and medium sized companies have trouble sustaining. Business requirements and economic pressures are driving great changes in server optimization, data management, analytics, and the way systems are designed. Workloads are emerging that place new, often competing demands on IT systems for sophisticated analytics, faster response times and deeper integration.

The most powerful analytics solution isn’t just about software – it’s about having the right systems and server utilization capable of generating insights in real-time, where you need it, consistently, without security breaches or compliance oversights. Redeploying workloads on high-performing IBM servers and software can deliver the responsiveness, intelligence and agility that are the hallmarks of smarter computing.

COLTECOM Optimized Systems increases infrastructure optimization to help your business achieve better systems management, faster deployment, and quicker response times for critical workloads, all at an affordable price that matches the budgets of midsize companies.

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